Business Continuity Packages

We offer several standard packages as well as custom solutions.

Analog Data Packages

Our Analog Data Packages enable you to store your important paperwork, packages range from a single folder to multiple boxes.

Single folder: 5 Euro/month (max 6cm wide)
Small box: 10 Euro/month (20cm wide)
Large box: 25 Euro/month (60cm wide)

Digital Data Carrier Packages

Our Digital Data Carrier Packages enable you to store your important data, starting with a single USB stick all the way up to entire tape libraries.

USB stick: 5 Euro/month
Hard drive: 10 Euro/month
Tape library (up to 10 tapes): 100 Euro/month


Offline Archive Service

Using our Offline Archive Service solution you can securely store large amounts of data. These archive servers normally only power up during a fixed time slot and connect to a VPN server on for example your IoT platform or your office router. A backup is then made and the Archive Server then powers down again. We also offer the option where we rotate a set of hard drives between our EMP safe vault and your server, so that at least one copy is always protected.

500 GB, 8 hours per week: 10 Euro/month
2000 GB, 8 hours per week: 50 Euro/month
10000 GB, 16 hours per week: 90 Euro/month

Drive rotation, 2 drives (1 online, 1 offline, rotated weekly): 50 Euro/month
Drive rotation, 3 drives (1 online, 2 offline, rotated weekly): 70 Euro/month

Online Archive Service

Standard data centers are generally too expensive to house very large amounts of data that you are legally or contractually required to keep available. Our unique solution allows you to store large amounts of data in a far more affordable and secure way. Since these servers are set up to connect out to your platform and are only intended for archive data lookup, they are not accessible from anywhere except your own platform. These servers are not intended to be used for production platforms. Bandwidth is shared and no public IPv4 addresses are available.

1U server: 20 Euro/month (includes 200 kWh/month)
2U server: 25 Euro/month (includes 250 kWh/month)
3U server: 30 Euro/month (includes 300 kWh/month)
4U server: 35 Euro/month (includes 350 kWh/month)

1/4 Rack: 250 Euro/month (includes 1500 kWh/month)
1/2 Rack: 490 Euro/month (includes 3000 kWh/month)
1/1 Rack: 930 Euro/month (includes 6000 kWh/month)

Archive Server Rent

Type 1

3 x 8 TB HD (RAID5)
1 x CPU 16 core
75 Euro/month

Type 2

6 x 8 TB HD (RAID-Z, 1 spare)
1 x CPU 16 core
135 Euro/month

Type 3

12 x 8 TB HD (RAID-Z, 2 spare)
1 x CPU 16 core
128 GB RAM
210 Euro/month

Type 4

12 x 12 TB HD (RAID-Z, 2 spare)
1x CPU 64 core
256 GB RAM
295 Euro/month

(All prices are based on a 2 year contract, after 2 years all server rentals can be cancelled monthly.)


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